Thursday, February 13, 2014

ENGLISH NOT SPANISH & Immigration Reform

I went out to a convention in town the other day. It was a popular trade show. It had lots of displays and lots of people there. Sales people would get up at certain displays on stage and start promoting the product. In most, not all, but most of the spoken promotions the promoters would speak in English then pause and speak in Spanish.

What is up with that? Why do they think they need to speak in English and then in Spanish. This was very frustrating. I would be listening and interested and then bam here comes the Spanish. This would happen over and over again. I would just end up walking away and not finish listening to the sales promotion.

The language of America last time I checked is English. As I typed the preceding sentence I was thinking that sounds pretty good, but then I thought I have never actually checked.  So I checked and this is what says “Official Language of the U.S. There is no "official" language for the United States, although some individual states list English as their official language.”

No official language of the United States. English is the de facto official language of the United States but not the “official” official language. Why would our government never officially establish a set language for our country? With all the illegal immigration and the amnesty talk going on in Washington D.C. it is easy to envision a nation where my grandchildren are learning Spanish in school and not English.

I do not oppose immigration. Let me clarify that I do not oppose Legal immigration. I do oppose illegal immigration. We should enforce all immigration laws on the books now. We need to build a very tall, very wide and very secure border fence. We need to dramatically up our military presence at our southern border. We need to protect America for the Americans that live here.

Anyone that came here illegally should never be granted citizenship. I am not saying to send them all back but they should not be granted the same status as legal immigrants. There are a lot of ideas and plans out there about the immigration issue. I am by no means an expert on this but I believe some basic things can be done right away. Then continue debating the long term solution. But there are a lot of no brainers in my opinion on this issue that we need to implement.

  • Enforce all current immigration laws.
  • Do not grant amnesty to the illegal immigrants.
  • Build a very tall, very wide and very secure border fence.
  • Deploy a large military presence to our southern border and protect America for the Americans.
  • Do not even consider the so called “Dream Act” or a better name for it the “Nightmare Act.”
  • Pick people from all aspects of American life, all party affiliations and give all stakeholders a voice. Then craft commonsense legislation. Craft in one small part at a time. Nothing comprehensive. Only create and pass what everyone voting for it could actually read and understand before they vote.

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