Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CBO 2037 Predictions-Motivation for lawmakers?

The Congressional Budget Office budget model predicts the U.S. budget will be unsustainable and crash by the year 2037. Reducing and eliminating the deficit and starting to pay down the public debt should be at the top of every one's to-do list in D.C. We are talking about the end of our country as we know it. The CBO budget model literally predicts that America as we know her will cease to exist! Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made some statements about Budget Chairman Paul Ryan's proposed budget today. She seemed to be suggesting that he wanted to steal money and take food away from seniors. Why don't the Democrats get it. We need to get real serious about fixing our budget problems real fast. Quit trying to score cheap political points. Show some leadership and get to work on the impeding implosion of our budget and economy. What the Ryan plan really does is reform the tax code and closes alot of corporate loop holes. Big corporations are not getting special treatment. Under the Ryan plan they will pay alot more taxes than they do now. The Ryan plan has deliberate and specific protections written into it for seniors. Seniors will be financially better off under the Ryan plan than any alternative offered by the Democrats, oh shoot wait a minute they have not offered any alternatives yet!  Also more bad news this week for the Dem's, a recent poll states that 77% of Americans think that 100 billion in cuts is not enough, let along the 61 billion the Republicans are trying to get past. That meas only 23% of Americans think cutting less that 100 billion is the path to choose. Come on Democrats get real and get on the Budget Reform train before it leaves the station!

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  1. by 2037. thats the funniest thing i've heard in weeks. we got 3 yrs at best