Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Medical Inflation 8.5% expected for 2012!

The medical inflation rate is expected to be 8.5% for 2012. This is bad news for the average American. With health care costs rising at that rate, prior to the main part of Obamacare kicking in, is a very bad sign. Obamacare is expected to put an extreme strain on the health care system in the United States. With an  8.5% medical cost inflation expected in 2012, according to a recent 30 page study, you can expect much higher medical inflation once Obamacare is fully implemented. This report should be considered a dire warning to the country. If you like your medical insurance you don't want Obamacare kicking. If you are already having trouble affording your medical insurance you don't want Obamacare kicking in. If you like medical freedom of choice you don't want Obamacare kicking in. Parts of Obamacare are already being implemented. Their is now a tax on indoor suntanning in effect . The maximum age a child can be carried on a parents insurance has been increased to 27. I believe this high medical inflation is occurring now in anticipation of what Obamacare will do to this countries Health care. It is sort of a fear index. The medical community does not know exactly how this will effect them, but they know the effect will not be good. In fact it will likely be devastating. This is just another example on how the historically bad policies of the Obama Administration are detrimentally affecting all parts of our lives. President Obama can not leave soon enough!

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