Sunday, April 10, 2011

Principles Of Americanism / Sovereignty of the People

The principle of the Sovereignty of the People is one of the key principles of what I call Americanism. You have distinctive forms of government around the world. You have Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Dictatorships, you have so called Theocracies in the Middle East. I propose Americas form and attitude of governance is peculiar to her. I suggest no other country on earth has ever had such a form or governance and spirit of independence as has America. I am going to put forth what I perceive as the core principles of what I call Americanism. The first principle is the principle of the Sovereignty of the people. In America this principle is recognized by customs and proclaimed by our laws. It arrives unimpeded to the remotest parts of our land. This principle can be studied and seen in the affairs of the country. Example, the sovereign will of the people can be seen and expressed in the elections of our representatives. If we feel our sovereign rights are not being protected we will exercises our right to vote and vote the members of government we perceive to be in error out. In America all power comes from the hands of the people and we submit and trust that power to the hands of the elected government. If they break that trust they are not usually long in office. The people participate in the making of our laws by the choosing of our legislatures. We participate in the execution of our laws by the choosing of our executives. The people are the sovereigns of the political world in America. The power of all elected officials ultimately originates of the people, by the people and for the people. Let us guard earnestly this principle of Americanism and when it is threatened let us defend it!

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