Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Here is what I don't understand.

Here is what I don't understand, how is it that that in America we have a party that wishes only to expand its own power and we have another that is fighting within itself. The Democratic party is interested in one thing, protecting the power it has and the government through which it has it. They aim to  expand that said same power on a continual basis. The Republican party is struggling within itself trying to determine if it is going be very conservative or go back to the party establishment way.

So we have the Democrats, they are either in total denial of the debt and spending problem our county has or they don't care. Another more sinister possibility is they are intentionally trying to sabotage and destroy the country. We have a President that single handily spent/borrowed more money in the 3 years he has  been in office than the county did from 1776 to 2005. Now that is quite an achievement. An achievement not to brag about. And just recently his government handed down new regulation about mercury and coal fired plants. This will close down at least 20 plants and cost thousands of jobs. This will also cost additional hardships on families because the price of electricity will go up.

So how could any one in their right  mind be a Democrat anyway? They are astonishingly backwards in their thinking. They favour allowing women to hire a "doctor" to murder their own unborn child. They think a tree or a spotted owl somewhere is more important than a red blooded American who is just trying to make ends meet and support his family, but now he cant because his plant just shut down. It shut down because some liberal thought it was disturbing some endangered tree or something.They will not allow the American ingenuity to be unleashed to solve our energy crisis. If they would just not regulate industry after industry to death America could be thriving again!

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