Monday, December 12, 2011

Why the Blago Sentence was wrong!

The sentence of 14 years Gov. Rod Blagojevich received is considered by many legal experts as pretty harsh. It is the wrong sentence. The former Governor received an unfair and morally wrong sentence of 14 years from Judge Zagel. I know some people will say "but that was not even half of what the guidelines suggested his sentence should be". Let me say this, what he did was wrong, dishonest, and self serving, but it was not worthy of receiving 14 years in a Federal penitentiary; missing the lives of his young girls as they grow up. This sentence is also, I contend, arguably unconstitutional - as in cruel and unusual punishment. I am no fan of the Ex-Governors, but what he basically got convicted of was nothing more than talking about doing something illegal without actually ever doing it. How many of us say things contemplating doing something illegal, like "man I could kill him," or " I should take that stuff from work, it would only be fair they don't pay me enough." Now what if you then were arrested on charges of murder and theft just because you talked about doing them. You never would have done them and you never did, but you were arrested, tried, convicted and sent to prison just for saying them. What does this say about are justice system. We have child rapists being set free after just a few years, and then you have a man talk about doing something wrong and he goes away to prison for 14 years?

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