Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Democrats the Party of NO! To anything that would actually help America

The illogic of the Democrats does not cease to amaze me. They keep saying we need to tax the rich. They say the rich need to pay more taxes to the federal government. Well taxes is simply revenue the government collects to use to pay for national defense, entitlement programs and for use in the general welfare of the republic and it's citizens. So the Dem's say we need more revenue from the wealthiest of Americans coming into the federal coffers. All right then the Republicans propose making the wealthiest of Americans pay more for their medicare. In response to this logical, responsible and fair proposal to bring more revenue into the government and get that revenue from the wealthiest of Americans the Dem's come out against it. The Dem's say they want to create more jobs and they would prefer those jobs be union jobs too. So the Republicans propose a vote on allowing the Key Stone oil pipeline to go from Canada to the gulf coast. This pipeline project would create an immediate 20,000 jobs and create an additional 100,000 spin off jobs. Most of these jobs will be high paying union jobs. So guess what, the Dem's are against that too. The Dem's say they want to lower the deficit and reduce spending but they cant seem to stop themselves from proposing one spending program after the other. The Dem's say they want a bipartisan payroll tax cut bill, but they reject and attack anything proposed by the Republicans. The Democratic party leadership is inept, out of touch, selfish and cowardly. They are afraid of doing anything other that spending more of our money. They don't want to curtail the spending programs because as long as they can keep spending money they can keep wielding power. President Obama is the weakest, most unpatriotic, illogical and unable to see or face reality of a President the country has ever had. We need change. We need change now Mr. President for the sake of our blessed country we need you to be changing your address come January of 2012!

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