Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Need of the End of the Obama Presidency

The America we know is rapidly disappearing. Thanks in large part to the disastrous presidency of his Eminence B. H. Obama. His liberal policies, and lack of leadership is destroying our economy and society. The blind lemmings that follow him regardless of what he does or what he stands for. You cant tell me that all the democrats in this country believe like Obama. So then why do they vote for them. If people would actually pay attention to what politicians believe and vote intelligently, and vote for themselves and not for party we could change the country for the good. I blame the conservative middle of the road Americans who keep voting democratic just because they always have or because that is the way mom or dad voted. Open your eyes. Listen and vote intelligently. You seriously could not want the country to be like it is. The country will only get worse under four more years of Obama. Four more years of Obama would be the end of the late great United States.

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