Tuesday, March 22, 2011

American Jet Crashes In Libya

An American jet crashed landed in Libya. . The two crew men are safely back in U.S. hands thank the Lord, but what if they had crashed in the are near Tripoli where the rebels are not in control. The Libyans would have had two American soldiers as hostages to parade in front of the cameras and threaten their lives. They would have tried to black mail us into backroom changes in the no fly zone. I hope The President took this into consideration when he ordered this operation. The buck stops with him I hope everyone remembers. That Is something President Bush never shied away from taking the responsibility for his decision's the current President seems to be lacking in that. Also thankful to the Marines who went into Libya and rescued the own crew member and thankful to the Rebels for returning the other safely. Well we now have had officially some boots on the ground in Libya already.

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