Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whats Obama Thinking? Encouraging Brazil to drill but not US!

I don't understand President Obama's logic. He put a moratorium on drillling in the gulf and off shore in the U.S., then he goes and endorses and encourages off shore drilling in Brazil. He said we need Brazil to drill for more oil off shore and we would support them. So let me get this straight he is in favor or off shore drilling  in Brazil but against it in America. He pledges to support off shore drilling in Brazil, but places a moratorium on it here. He says we need to depend less on foreign oil, but tells Brazil to drill more so we can be their number one customer.  Does he not know that Brazil is a FOREIGN COUNTRY therefore their oil is FOREIGN OIL? He seems to desperately want to please whoever he is talking too at the time. He enjoys bowing to foreign kings. He loves t o constantly apologize for how horrible America is. Then why doesn't he go back to where he was born if he does not like America. He seems to do everything in a way that harms America, and her reputation. I just don't understand him or his logic in the things he says and does.

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