Thursday, March 31, 2011

Common Sense Budget and Deficit Proposal

Why doesn't congress treat the deficit and national debt like a mortgage. I propose we take the next three years to get the budget back to balance. Once we balance the budget the debt would increase in those three years to about 17.1 trillion dollars. Then enact a law or constitutional amendment that requires congress to bring the debt down to no more than 5 trillion dollars over a thirty year period. Some national debt is a good thing for the country and economy, that is why I propose bringing it down to 5 trillion. In 30 years the time value of money would make that amount in future dollars alot less that it seems now. Also the payment on bringing it down to the 5 trillion mark over a thirty year period would be about 400 billion a year. Which would be tough I know but very doable. Then as we start bringing this debt down in just a few years time the government would actually start having more money to spend on worthy programs. This would happen because our interest payments would be less and less each year we pay down the 400 billion on the debt Then at the end of this thirty year period include in the law or amendment a massive tax cut because the revenue would no longer be needed. This would mean in just one generation we could virtually pay off our national debt. Set up our children and grandchildren for a very prosperous future. With a power house of a U.S economy humming along unburdened by all the debt, and an economy also set on fire by the massive tax cut at the end of the thirty year period.

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