Friday, March 25, 2011

Sen. Kent Conrad wants to tax Americans for driving their cars!

It's outrageous," said David Selig, a federal tax practitioner. "Right now because the economy of so many people who have to drive a long way to work for less money and now, because of this ridiculous proposal, they're actually going to bring home less money than ever before. Moreover, you have no reason to believe the government is actually going to use this money to repair the highways." Sen. Kent Conrad requested a report from the CBO on how much money this would generate for the federal govt. This Vehicle Mile Tax or VMT tax would tax you on every mile you drove. They would accomplish this by adding a device to every vehicle to track the miles driven. This is just another example on why we need to shrink the size of government and just how out of touch with reality some of the Washington politicians are. This tax would make it very hard on anyone who lives far away from work. Like folks that live in more rural areas but have to travel to more populated areas farther away to earn a decent pay check. The very nature of this tax is to put an undue tax burden on people who could ill afford it right now. This also "conspiracy theory here" could be a way for Big Brother to always know where are vehicles are at just by adding a GPS component to these devices they would use to track our miles.

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