Tuesday, March 22, 2011

President Sarkozy Leader of the Free World?

Is President Sarkozy the leader of the free world now? It appears to be that way. It appears that President Obama has abdicated the leadership role the U.S. has had in the world. Have we now subjugated ourselves to the will of France and Great Britain. My how President Obama has brought down the esteem and influence of the U.S. in the world in such a short time it is almost unbelievable. Col. Oliver North Said speaking in an interview that he heard through sources that President Sarkozy basically said to Obama that we are going into Libya with or without you and that forced Obama's hand and he had to go in. President Obama then sent Sec. Clinton over to Paris to try to salvage things for the U.S. Does this President have any leadership in him whatsoever? He still has not proven it if he does.

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