Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Senator Schumer says Palestinians and Arabs “don’t believe there should be an Israel.”

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said Palestinians and Arabs “don’t believe there should be an Israel.” Wow an intelligent, logical and correct statement actually came out of the mouth of Chuck Schumer. Maybe that preacher was just a few days off, I think the end of the world might happen now after I heard what Sen. Schumer said. It is incredible he said it, but not surprising hardly any coverage about it on the 'state run media' networks. Schumer made this statement at a Jewish function this past Sunday: "The reason there is no peace in the Middle East is very simple. It’s because the majority of Palestinians and the majority of Arabs don’t believe there should be an Israel. It’s that simple. Anyone who tries to figure out a way to solve this conflict without realizing that truth will never get anywhere." A democrat actually speaking the truth simply and forthrightly, may wonders never cease. Well all I can say to that is hopefully the rest of the Democratic party wakes up to this reality. Better late than never to face the facts. I wonder if the rest of his Democratic colleagues think he is turning to the dark side. This may be the only thing Schumer has ever said that I agree with. However, the reality is that Schumer has had multiple opportunities over the years to say this very thing. It took the boldness and honesty of Prime Minister Netanyahu to make Schumer publicly utter the obvious….Arabs and Palestinians want the DESTRUCTION of the state of Israel. They want Jerusalem, and then the complete removal of any “Israeli State”. The Progressives agree with them. Someone needs to tell Obama that Schumer has faced reality and now it is his turn. I bet Obama could not believe his ears when he heard it. Sen. Schumer must have missed the talking points teleconference this week. Now we just need for Sen. Schumer to lean on President Obama to support Israel. The U.S. needs to make the support and the safety of Israel a priority again.

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