Monday, May 23, 2011

NYC Teacher Fired Over Christian Faith?

 Anita Wooten-Franci, an assistant special education teacher at PS 224, claims she was harassed and then fired over her christian faith. The school claims she was fired for allegedly grabbing a child. The teacher claims that charge was made up and that she really was fired because of her christian faith. The teacher says she was careful about her public displays of faith and prayed only when appropriate. Ms. Wooten-France led a worship group during “non-instructional hours.” Wooten-Franci claims that the school’s Principal, George Andrews, was vocal and often offensive about his dislike of her christian faith.  She says that Andrews would frequently make negative comments and that he told her, “You can’t be praying in my school.” In one instance, [the principle allegedly] criticized the disabled woman for using the elevator and told her to take the stairs. When she protested, he allegedly said, “Why don’t you just pray?” Then he laughed. That is sick if it is true. After she complained about these issues, Wooten-Francis says she was slapped with a false charge and subsequently fired. This is yet another example, if true, of the growing prejudice in this country towards Christians. If you are Muslim you can pray 5 times a day at a public institution, but if your a christian you better not even bow your head in a silent pray. If you are an atheist your rights are protected and lawsuits filed on your behalf from the ACLU, but if your a christian you can not even reference Christ in your own speech at your graduation. This is wrong, plain wrong! Our country was founded mainly by Christians, on christian principles. It was founded by some for the purpose to worship as they please. The constitution is clear on this manner "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" that is it, all it says about it. There is no separation of church and state clause in the Constitution. Americans should be free to be Christians in public in any setting!

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