Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gov Perry Likely to Announce Soon

With the implosion of the Gingrich campaign this week Texas Governor Rick Perry is said to be likely to announce soon. Now that his political wing men, Dave Carney and Rob Johnson are freed up and headed back to Austin. Gov. Perry would be the Tea Party favorite. He is the anti-establishment republican candidate verses, the current front runner, Mitt Romney the classic establishment candidate. Gov. Perry would be a good contrast to President Obama. Gov. Perry is known as a straight talker. He does not hold back. He will tell you like it is. While President Obama tries to nuance and pars every word and statement. Obama will say one thing one day then the next day have his spokesman tell you something different. This coming announcement of Gov. Perry is what the republicans needed. This will add the excitement and give the primary voters some clear viable choices. We will now have two and possibly choices, Romney, Pawlenty, and Perry, who could actually have a chance at beating Obama is 2012.

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