Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why are Gas Prices so HIGH? - Part 2 - Obama's Energy Policy to Blame

Why are gas prices so HIGH? Is Obama's energy policies to blame? Yes in large part President Obama's energy policies are a big culprit in the current energy problems we are having as a nation. People say that Republicans are the party of big oil because they want to keep the tax incentives for the oil companies. Well  losing those incentives will not cause the oil companies to lower the price of oil. The Dem's are playing a game of bait and switch. They know their policies are in large part to blame for the high gas prices so they are trying to create another issue to switch the public's attention away from them. Those incentives the oil companies have are the same ones all U.S. manufacturers have. They were put in place to encourage the growth and expansion of U.S. domestic jobs. If we remove those incentives those domestic American jobs may move off shore, but the Dem's wont mention that fact!

No the real culprit and cause of the high gas prices is his eminence Barack Hussein Obama. He would rather buy oil from foreign countries like Brazil and subsidize them for doing it. Then to subsidize American oil companies for drilling here. The President has just handed over $2 billion in American taxpayer money to Brazil's government owned oil company for them to produce oil for U.S. consumption. So let me get this straight, President Obama is for subsidizing Brazil's oil company, but he is against subsidizing America's oil companies. President Obama says we need to get off foreign oil, and then he gives $2 billion to Brazil so we can buy oil from them. Mr President oil from Brazil is still foreign oil! The Dem's see no problem in subsidizing Brazil's oil production but it is the worst thing in the world to subsidize America's oil companies.

Yet another factor in high gas prices is President Obama's draconian moratorium on off shore drilling. This has crippled domestic oil production. One of his first actions as President was to cancel 77 energy leases. President Obama has cut new energy leases in the U.S. by more than 60%! As a result of this baffling policy we have fewer American jobs, less domestically supplied energy and we now rely even more on foreign oil. Great job Mr. President, I say that very sarcastically. Also in addition to the above mentioned acts of this President he has also created a massive and hostile regulatory environment.

If the President would get rid of the hostile regulatory environment, and start issuing leases at a fast pace again. The big oil companies would reinvest those huge profits right here in America. That would create thousands of American jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. But instead thanks to Obama' energy policies the big oil companies are looking outside of the U.S. to invest their record profits. These Obama policies make it harder for the 'little guy' to make it. Yet the Dem's cynically profess to be on the side of the 'little guy'. I think Obama's Energy Secretary summed up his energy policy the best when he said "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe." Well Mr. President we are almost their.

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