Friday, June 3, 2011

Land/Home Ownership Creates a More Responsible Citizenry

The right to own property is fundamental to a free society. Freedom is promoted by ownership of private property only when ownership rights are enforced by law. Eminent Domain needs to be looked at again. It is being used to widely and for frivolous reasons. A society that does not treat ownership rights as sacred is a society starting to loose some of its freedoms. History shows us that land ownership requirements for voting tends to lead to more stable societies. I am not saying we should go back to this requirement, I am just pointing out the obvious observation. Land ownership leads to more interest in how the big picture of the country is. Whereas no land ownership (no stake in societies responsibilities of paying property taxes and maintaining the land and desiring to see it increase in value) leads to voters who are easily swayed by the promises or the whims of the moment i.e. "Yes we can". Both political parties should be trying to promote responsible land (home) ownership. Promote responsible uses of ones monetary resources. Promote and emphasize the necessity for all to have tangible assets of some kind, so all can have a stake in society.  With some hard work and a little wisdom the average American can achieve home ownership and in so doing will become a more responsible member of the electorate. A course in personal finance and macroeconomics should be requirements for all students before completion of High School. This would lead to more financially knowledgeable citizens and a more stable republic

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