Monday, June 6, 2011

Union Violence

The big labor unions are resorting to intimidation and in some cases violence to keep up or hide their corrupt practices. Just last month the New York Daily News reported that a small group of union whistle blowers and members of the Communications Workers of America reported a time sheet padding scheme. One of the whistle blowers was beaten so severely by a union thug he suffered two herniated discs and had to undergo knee surgery. Another whistle blower found a dead rat in his locker along with a note saying he would be "taken care of". Yet another whistle blower stated he was told: "If I continue to complain about their finances, they would have me killed." The sad fact is nearly everyday union workers face death threats, harassment, vandalism and bodily harm if they dare defy the dictates of union officials.

Union bosses and official think they are above the law thanks to the notorious Supreme Court Enmons decision. For decades union bosses and their underlings have committed thousands of reported incidents of violence, extortion, vandalism and even murder. Ever since the Supreme Court's infamous 1973 Enmons decision, union bosses have been granted immunity from prosecution for acts of violence and vandalism they orchestrate in the so-called "pursuit of legitimate union objectives." This Supreme court decision has effectively tied the hands of law enforcement officials and allowed the Union bosses and their hand picked 'enforcers' to use whatever means necessary to achieve union goals. There is a movement out to end this outrageous loophole. It is called the Freedom From Union Violence Act. If you are interested I would suggest you contact your congressmen and Senator and urge them to support this act.

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