Sunday, June 5, 2011

Union Death Threats in Wisconsin!

There are reports of union death threats to Wisconsin state legislatures that voted against union interests and with Gov. Scott Walker. "We will hunt you down . . . slit your throats . . . drink your blood. I will have your decapitated head on a pike in the Madison town square." Those are the words of a union militant aimed directly at a Wisconsin state legislator for daring to vote to restrict Big Labor's forced dues control over Wisconsin state workers. That is just going too far. For this person to threaten an other's life over whether a union can force members to give dues or not is going to a dangerous extreme. There were literally dozens of similar recorded death threats along with acts of vandalism leveled against Wisconsin state legislators and Governor Scott Walker for not going along with what the union's wanted.

I can understand some of the disappointment and anger directed at the republicans in the Wisconsin State Legislature and Gov. Walker. To me they handled the union situation and legislation the wrong way. They had the right intentions but could have done a better job of explaining, persuading, passing and now implementation of their sweeping state union reform legislation. If they had, they could of avoided some of the back lash. That being said, it still is no excuse for the vile death threats coming from the left directed to the Wisconsin republicans. Even more ominous, the Wisconsin State Journal reported police found "dozens of rounds of live ammunition outside the Capitol" during the height of the Wisconsin protests. This find along with the millions of dollars of damage done to the Wisconsin state capitol building shows how violent the left can get. And they accuse the Tea Party of violence, give me a break!

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