Friday, April 22, 2011

Democrats join Republicans in Threat to hold up vote on Debt Ceiling

President Obama is even starting to feel pressure from within his own party on holding up the vote on the debt ceiling Sen. Pryor of Arkansas said ""What I've told anyone who will listen to me in Washington, including my leadership is that I'm not going to vote for that unless there is a real and meaningful commitment to debt reduction." Republicans are demanding the vote be connected to budget and deficit reduction and a commitment to overhaul the tax code. Some democrats are beginning to see things that way too. Along with Senator Pryor other Dem's like Senator Manchin of West Virginia, Rep. Ross D-Ark. and Rep. Boren have all said they will not vote for raising the debt ceiling without significant cuts from budget. "So let me also continue to be clear about my position on the debt ceiling, I strongly believe we must adopt a long-term, responsible and realistic fiscal plan that reflects our values and defines priorities, or I will vote against raising the debt ceiling." Sen. Manchin D-WV said. Sen. Pryor said every federal program will have to face some cuts. It seems as though some Democrats are starting to sound like they are finally getting the fiscal picture. Some Dem's are waking up and smelling the federal budget disaster looming on the horizon. Lets hope enough of them wake up to the reality of our financial condition in time. The government needs to make structural spending cuts and soon if we are going to survive this budget and deficit disaster. To put perspective on the budget cuts the Republicans got out of the Dem's for the rest of this year, the cuts are only 10% of Obama's spending increase since he took office. We still need to cut the other 90% of that plus the Bush deficit we had when he left office. Still alot of work to do and a short time to get it done.

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