Monday, April 25, 2011

Obama's Grand Accomplishments - NOT!

$5 a gallon gas, an envisioned cap and trade plan that would bankrupt our coal companies and an Energy Secretary that says America needs European level gas prices. Well guess what Secretary Chu we are almost their. The President and Secretary Chu envision a sort of Euro-USA. Where socialism is the norm. Where we have $5-$6 dollar a gallon gas, where the dollar is rapidly being devalued and where a 10% unemployment rate is common place. We have arrived then. Mr. Obama has Europified us. We are no longer exceptional. We are no longer looked up to around the world. We are know just one the gang an average country. The $5 Trillion in additional debt he has saddled us with is like an anchor around the countries neck as it is struggling to stay ahead of the rest of the world. No thanks to the American apologist Mr. B. Hussein Obama. Just think now that we have $5 a gallon gas they can subsidize mass transit and make it sound like a good idea. They can push electric cars like the Volt. They can do all their 'green' wish list ideas and make it sound good because of the high energy prices. Just one catch to that, we would not have the high energy prices if it were not for their policies. The ban on off shore drilling, the hoped for cap and trade bill, the massive devaluing of the dollar (caused by their terrible fiscal policies), and Obama's massive non stop spending binge. When Obama was elected gas was $1.85 a gallon now it is hovering around $4.25 a gallon and over $5 and approaching $6 in some locations. Our unemployment rate was under 8% now in has been around 10% for the last 2 years. We were the most powerful and respected nation on earth, we have now lost that edge. The President used to be the leader of the free world, but now under Obama it appears he has abdicated that responsibility to President Sarkozy of France. The Dollar used to be the strongest most stable currency on earth now that too is faltering. Mr. Obama's policies have led to a devalued dollar. Our foreign policy approach was strong and respected now it is muddled and weak. Our country can not handle any more of President Obama's "accomplishments". The madness of his socialism experiments have got to stop. Lets hope it is not too late. America is very resilient when it has the right leadership in place. So don't count us out yet world. If we get rid of Obama we can get back on top. I hope.

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