Monday, April 18, 2011

Sen. Demint Threatens Filibuster

Sen. Jim Demint R-SC. threatens a filibuster on the vote to raise the debt ceiling unless congress votes for a balanced budget amendment. He said he would filibuster the increase in the federal debt ceiling unless that vote takes place. Most Republicans say they will demand significant spending cuts and reforms as a condition to raising the debt ceiling, but none have gone as far as Sen. Demint. "I will oppose any attempt to vote to raise the limit on our $14 trillion debt until congress passes the balanced-budget amendment," Sen. Demint said. The balanced budget amendment would prohibit congress from running a deficit and it would take a two thirds vote by congress and ratification by the states. White House spokesman Jay Carney said "The issue here is the debt ceiling has to be raised, and it cannot be held hostage to a process that is very complicated and difficult,". Sec. Geitner said repeatedly on Sunday that lawmakers who flirt with taking us to the brink of the debt ceiling will bare the responsibility for the fall out of hitting it. He said just getting real close to it could be problematic. Well we finally have a Senator with some guts to do what is right, but we cannot hit the debt ceiling that would be devastating to our country.

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