Friday, April 22, 2011

The Ryan Budget Plan Basics

1-Privatize Medicare (voucher system) leaving those over 55 years-of-age to stay on the current system. This allows those UNDER 55 years-of-age the CHOICE of what health care they want. Most Doctors and medical facilities do not like taking medicare or medicaid because the government either does not pay, does not pay what it is suppose to or does not pay within a reasonable amount of time.

2. Revamps medicaid so that it is gradually phased out. With Obamacare, if Obamacare, their is no need for medicaid and therefore no need to DUMP over $680 BILLION into that one system alone every year.

3-CLOSE Corporate Tax Holes so that companies, like GE, that support Obama do NOT get away with  paying no taxes.

4-Extend the Bush tax cuts: If the Bush tax cuts were repealed a significant number of the poorest workers would owe more in taxes. Also if they were repealed it would amount to the biggest tax increase in the history of planet Earth.

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