Sunday, April 3, 2011

Senator Harry Reid "radical, unrealistic, unreasonable..."

"So let me reiterate my hope that the Republican leadership recognizes they can't continue to be pulled to the right by the radical, unrealistic, unreasonable…faction: the Tea Party." said Senator Harry Reid D-NV about the Republicans wanting to just cut 61 billion dollars from this years budget which has a 1.4 trillion dollar deficit. That is only a 4.3%  proposed cut of the deficit for this year, and Sen. Reid labels a 4.3% cut of a 1.4 trillion dollar deficit as "radical, unrealistic, unreasonable..." are you serious Senator? At the rate you are proposing to cut the deficit it would take us nearly a 100 years to reach balance. Have you not seen the CBO report that predicts an economic melt down by the year 2037? While mentioning the House passed spending cut proposal of 61 billion dollars for this year, House Speaker John Boehner said on Wednesday, "It's time for Senate Democrats to pass a bill. The House has passed our bill and it's been nearly 40 days."
"Now the Senate says, 'We have a plan,'" Boehner added. "Well great. Pass the damn thing! Alright? And send it over here and let's have real negotiations." Sen. Harry Reid has had over forty days in a Senate the Dem's control and he so-called "leads" and he can not pass a simple spending reduction proposal, but he can sure criticize others who have. Democrats are blasting the proposed republican spending cuts as to deep and too extreme, yet I sill fail to see how a 4.3% reduction in current year spending which will still leave us with over a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit is extreme. What is "radical, unrealistic, unreasonable..." is Senator Harry Reid and the Democrats who care more about their party and scoring political points than they do about their country's future!

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