Monday, April 11, 2011

Seven Ways to Save Money at the Gas Pump

No. 1: Fill up on off-days. The day of the week you fill up on will impact the price you pay. Although it is hard to know the exact day prices are lower, due to regional changes in pricing, usually filling up on Wednesdays helps reduce pricing. Prices usually are raised right before the weekend.
No. 2: Change how you drive.  Driving in rush hour burns up to 15% more gas. I know this is easier said then done.

No. 3: Don’t fill up in affluent or highly congested areas. Usually these areas offer gas at higher prices than those of just a couple miles away.

No. 4: Avoid high speeds. This is an obvious one. You tend to lose fuel efficiency as you get past 60 mph.

No. 5: Try a wholesale club. Stores like Sams Club or Costco usually offer a discount on gas.

No. 6: Get extra weight out of your vehicle. Removing excess weight out of your vehicle will improve your gas mileage.

No. 7: Use your smallest vehicle. Use your smallest most fuel efficient vehicle for most of your travel.

We need to develop a better energy policy in America. We need to get rid of the red tape hindering oil companies from being able to drill. We need to open up the north shore of Alaska to drilling. The oil companies have  environmentally friendly ways to drill and extract the oil. The polar bears will never know they are their. America is the Saudi Arabia of the world in coal. We need to push for development of clean coal technologies and take advantage of this abundant natural resource. We need to build more nuclear plants. I know this is controversial now considering what is going on in Japan, but we need to use all our available options to end our dependence on middle east oil. We need to tap into the oil sands of Canada and exploit that as much as possible. Finally we need new leaders in Washington. Ones who care more about the average citizen than they do about appeasing environmental groups.

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